What is OPIc?

What is the OPIc?
OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview – computer) is a 15 question exam designed to test a person’s actual conversation ability.

The evaluation is based on by 5 criteria:

1. Functions / Tasks 
– Ability to answer the question in a timely manner, even if the speaker does not have knowledge of the subject)

2. Text Type 
– Ability to utilize vocabulary to consistently deliver an answer (short sentences vs. long sentences)

3. Contents / Context
– Ability to clearly answer the question/task, while staying within the subject.

4. Comprehensibility
– Ability to deliver an answer in a logical manner (Introduction, Body, Conclusion).

5. Language Control
– Ability related to pronunciation (intonation, accent, rhythm, speed), grammar (use of the proper tense, plural, use of proper pronouns, prepositions, sentence order), vocabulary (use in proper context)

What scores can I get on the OPIc test?
There are 3 Levels on the test. Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is then divided into sub-levels (High, Medium, and Low). The highest score is Advanced High, while the lowest score is Novice Low. However, the highest score on the OPIc test is Advanced Low. To achieve a ranking of Advanced Mid, Advanced High or Superior, a person must take the OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) an ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) location. The OPI is a face to face interview.

Note: Due to increasing numbers of test takers, OPIc has divided the Intermediate Mid level into three additional categories. IM1, IM2, IM3

Does everybody answer the same questions?
No. Prior to taking the OPIc, each person fills out a background survey (7 questions) that determines the questions that will be given on the test.

Background Survey Questions 

1. What is your job?
a) Company/office worker
b) Housewife
c) Teacher
d) No experience / No job (are you a student?)

2. If you are a student: What is your purpose of studying?
a) Getting a degree
b) Continuing education
c) Learning language

3. What type of dwelling do you live in?
a) House/Apt (alone)
b) House/Apt (with friends/roommates)
c) House/Apt (with family)
d) School dormitory
e) Military housing

Choose at least 12 topics that apply to you:

4. What do you do in your free time?
a) Watching movies (at cinema)
b) Clubbing (Night Club)
c) Watching performance/play
d) Going to a concert
e) Going to a Park
f) Camping
g) Going to the beach
h) Watching sports
i) Watching your kids play sports
j) Coaching sports
k) Playing games by yourself (cards, video, etc)
l) Playing games with adults (cards, pool, board games, etc)
m) Playing with kids (cards, board games, etc)
n) Helping with child’s homework
o) Helping with housework
p) Maintenance of car

5. What come of interests and hobbies do you have? (At least 1)
a) Reading books for children
b) Listening to music
c) Playing musical instruments
d) Singing (alone)
e) Singing (with a group)
f) Teaching dance (dance classes)
g) Dancing
h) Writing
i) Painting / Drawing
j) Sewing
k) Knitting / Cross-stitching
l) Cooking
m) Gardening
n) Raising pets

6. What sports or exercise do you enjoy? (At least 1)
a) Basketball
b) Baseball / Softball
c) Soccer
d) Football (American Football – NFL)
e) Rugby
f) Golf
g) Volleyball
h) Tennis
i) Badminton
j) Table Tennis / Ping Pong
k) Swimming
l) Biking
m) Motor Biking
n) Skiing / Snowboarding
o) Water Skiing
p) Ice Skating
q) Roller Blading (inline-skating)
r) Horse riding
s) Jogging
t) Walking
u) Doing Yoga
v) Hiking / Trekking
w) Fishing
x) Riding a boat
y) Working out (at the health club)
z) Gymnastics
aa) I don’t do any physical activity or exercise

7. Which type of traveling have you done? (At least 1)
a) Domestic business trip
b) Overseas business trip
c) No traveling (Vacation at home)
d) Domestic trip
e) Overseas trip

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