Description of OPIc Exam

What is the ACTFL/ILR OPIc? 

The ACTFL/ILR Oral Proficiency Interview – computer (OPIc) is an international test of spoken language proficiency. The OPIc assesses a test taker’s ability to use the language effectively and appropriately in real-life situations regardless of when, where, why or the way in which the language has been acquired.

The ILR OPIc answers the question:

“What communication tasks can a person DO in a language?”

The ILR OPIc is designed to replicate an oral proficiency interview (OPI), a proficiency assessment conducted live by a Certified ILR tester. Instead of the live interviewer, the OPIc uses an Avatar who delivers pre-recorded test questions.

Taking the ILR OPIc 
The test taker goes to a website address and enters a test ID. Once the OPIc program begins, the test taker is guided through the following.

  • Test Description – A description of the test is given.
  • Volume Check – The test taker is required to do a “sound check” to ensure that the microphone and headset are working properly.
  • Background Survey – The test taker completes a survey to gather information about their interests, education, work, etc.
  • Self Assessment – The test taker chooses a set of statements about their language ability.
  • Overview of OPIc procedures – A review of the OPIc navigation keys and test procedure.
  • Sample test question – The test taker is given an opportunity to listen to a sample question and record response to ensure understanding of how the OPIc works.

The OPIc Avatar 
The Avatar is a digital Tester who guides the test taker through the OPIc. The Avatar asks questions in the target language and the test taker then responds. The responses are digitally recorded, uploaded via the internet, and submitted for rating.

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